Social Media Promotion

For my blog, social media promotion can help boost the viewership and following of my blog greatly.  I personally think the best social media tool to promote my blog would be Twitter.  Twitter has become one of the more active social media networks over the past couple of years and seems to be better for promoting than Facebook is.  Twitter allows people to search hashtags and do many other things to have a Twitter page’s name be exposed to their followers, such as retweeting and mentioning in a post.  Facebook on the other hand I feel is a very poor promotional tool.  I have used Facebook in the past to promote my old band in high school and our exposure was very minimal, regardless of having over 1,000 likes.  A very small percentage of our Facebook following had our posts show up in their news feed according to Facebook insight.  In order to have them appear more often on people’s news feeds, you have to pay a fee to promote posts.  Twitter also has paid promotion, however, tweets, trends and pages that are promoted through Twitters system target people who do not follow a certain page and could possibly be interested based on region, interest, age or gender.  I feel that Twitter is the number one best social network to be used as a promotional tool.


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